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At the practice, we certainly do our best to try and meet the financial needs of every patient.  We are proud to provide you with top quality care and we are dedicated to making that care as cost effective as possible.  We accept most insurance plans and major credit cards.  We also work with CareCredit to finance your treament at a cost you can afford.  Also, you now have the option to pay your statements on-line.  Just use the PAY NOW button to the left and you can easily make your payment. 

Preferred Providers
We are a Preferred Provider with the following Insurance Companies:

  • Dental Care Plus
  • Superior Dental
  • Delta Dental

*We do accept other Insurance Companies; this is just a list of companies to which we belong. 


Payment Plan
We also offer a monthly payment plan through CareCreditCareCredit is a service offered by GE Capital Consumer Card Co.  It is a flexible, monthly payment plan that can be used immediately and provides benefits to you that we can not.  CareCredit operates much like a credit card.  Since CareCredit can offer you a wider variety of payment arrangements than we can, it has replaced our open billing policy. You can apply online at in the privacy of your home.  It only takes a few minutes.


Accepted Credit Cards     

Visa/Master Card
American Express